Odour Control Division

Odour Management is I.C.E.'s specialised odour control division. Odour Management provides odour control solutions for both commerical and industrial applications. Our odour control range is focused on environmental sensitivity, therefore our entire range of odour control solutions are made 
from natural plant extracts and is completely safe for people and the
local environment. ‚Äč
Follow the links below to our specifc Odour Management website, or contact our office directly.
Freshwave IAQ is a world leading Commercial Indoor air quality (IAQ) odour neutraliser. We provide Commercial Facilities with a natural and effective odour control alternative - successfully implemented by our distribtors in the cleaning sector for hospitals, automotive and hospitality. Contact us for immediate advice for Indoor odour issues.
Ecosorb is a unique Industrial strength odour neutraliser. We provide large scale odour control solutions for industrial odour issues, including gas odorant odours, landfill odours, waste water & sewerage odours and rendering & food processing odours. If you have an urgent odour issue contact us for immediate advice.