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ICE engineering capabilities expand – Sep 2020

Customised Systems

From Concept to Reality

For over 20 years International Chemicals Engineering (I.C.E) have designed and manufactured systems for all facets of chemical injection, from simple chemical metering pumps on a panel, to totally automated microprocessor flow controlled packages.
Being involved in customised system design, fabrication and assembly allows us the flexibility of sourcing and supplying a widely diverse range of equipment, for many of which we are the exclusive Australian agents.
From a basic 12V solar panel unit to a large scale three phase industrial system, I.C.E can provide you with a packaged solution that is capable of accurately injecting chemicals over a broad range of conditions. I.C.E. also have historically specialised in pneumatic systems (and metering pumps) primarily utilised in the oil and gas industry.


Whether your chemical injection need is simple or complex I.C.E’s dedicated team are able to supply custom engineered turnkey systems.


With engineering, design and fabrication capabilities, I.C.E deliver a complete packaged system with supporting documentation to provide a high level of quality assurance.


Our custom engineered systems may be configured to meet a wide range of applications in a variety of industries where a liquid chemical is injected into a process.

YZ packaged solutions & NJEX

I.C.E are the Australian and New Zealand experts when it comes to Gas odorant injection systems. The NJEX series odorisation systems have the leading technology for injecting liquid odorant into natural gas and LPG flow streams. These systems are engineered to measure and inject precise amounts of liquid odorant into each cubic meter of gas that flows down the pipeline. NJEX systems offer a variety of features and options to inject into a range of flow rates from low volume distribution systems to main-line transmission systems. For expert advice on YZ Njex Gas Odorant systems contact I.C.E today.

I.C.E. offer a range of NJEX Odorisation systems including 8300G, 8302G, 7300G, 7302G, 6300G, 6302G.


Some of these features include:

  • No bleeding to atmosphere
  • Single, double, or multiple injection systems to provide redundancy or high flow capability
  • An odorant injection pump, measurement device (Verometer), electronic controller and other components specifically designed and built for odorisation use.
  • Skid mounted tanks and secondary containment skids
  • Insulated cabinets with optional heaters
  • Remote communications, system analysis, and alarm indication for reliable operation
  • NJEX 8300 Odorization System - High Volume  Injection

    The NJEX 8300 series is designed for high-volume applications and delivers a maximum of 257 liters/day (68 gallons/day). The NJEX 8300 system can odorize up to 1.25 BSCF/ day based on an injection rate of 75 lbs/MMSCF. Ideal for large transmission companies or large city gate stations, these big-injection odorizers have standard built-in features for enhanced quality and a variety of options to meet your process needs.



    NJEX 8300 Features

    • Patented, pneumatically-actuated, positive-displacement plunger pump
    • Teflon® diaphragm islolates all dynamic seals from the odorant
    • Intrinsically safe electronics
    • 257 liters/day (68 gallons/day) maximum odorant output
    • 6cc/stroke injection
    • Maximum of 30 strokes/minute


    The system is available in a single unit (8300 series) or dual unit (8302 series) and can be upgraded to include a skid-mounted package with onboard odorant storage tank, containment skid and a wide variety of other options.

  • NJEX 7300 Odorization System - The Industry Flagship

    The NJEX 7300 series was our first system and remains the industry standard for most user applications. This mid-use, primary odorizer is capable of accurately injecting up to 67 liters/day (17.6 gallons/day). The NJEX 7300 can odorize up to 320 MMSCF/Day, based on an injection rate of .75 lbs/MMSCF. The system is flexible and is available in a single unit, the 7300 series or for increased capacity and 100% backup capability we offer a dual unit, 7302 series. Both units can be upgraded to include skid packages and other options for enhanced operational capability.


    7300 Pump Features

    • Patented, pneumatically-actuated, positive-displacement, reciprocating plunger pump
    • Teflon® diaphragm isolates all dynamic seals from the odorant
    • Intrinsically safe electronics
    • 67 liters/day (17.6 gallons/day) maximum odorant output
    • .2 to 1.0 cc/stroke adjustable displacement


  • Results-Oriented Service and Support


    YZ Systems offers full technical service and support for all of our products. Our global staff of experienced engineers, sales, customer services and representatives are ready to assist you.


    In addition, YZ systems offers the NJEX system training program. The program includes onsite equipment operation and

    maintenance training for up to 15 employees. Manuals and employee materials, travel, and expenses are included.

  • One Source for Your Odorization Needs


    We detail the most complete line of auxiliary equipment found on the market today. We design, manufacture and support systems complete with optional injection probe assemblies, environmentally safe containment skid packages, a wide range of ASME tanks, a paperless audit trail device and more.


    NJEX Bulk Odorant Storage Tanks.

    We offer ASME-code-stamped bulk odorant storage tanks ready for fast delivery. These tanks are engineered to interface with the NJEX system and feature capacities ranging from 75 to 37,854 liters (20 to 10,000 gallons). Each tank is equipped with our NJEX fitting and valve package that is designed for high-volume odorant use. Field installation is also available.


    NJEX Secondary Containment Skid Packages.

    Our secondary containment skid is constructed of carbon steel and then hot-dip galvanized. This unit provides 110% of tank capacity.

  • Sentry4 Monitoring Software


    Sentry4 is a powerful tool allowing any organization the ability to remotely monitor in “real time” the operation of

    every NJEX installation. It provides the ability to change operating parameters, perform diagnostics and print multiple reports from a central location.


    The NJEX System is capable of performing complex instructions quickly and efficiently. The mechanical tasks of injection, self-monitoring, communicating problems, and writing of reports have all become integrated logic. Such tasks include:


    • System start/stops
    • Daily odorant usage
    • Hourly odorant usage
    • System parameters
    • System alarms

I.C.E. promotes Milton Roy Engineered Pumps

I.C.E. also promote Milton Roy Engineered pumps including the API 675, Heritage and Motor Driven range. We have expertise working with the MRoy, Primeroyal & Milroyal series.


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