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Specialist chemical engineering has been at the core of I.C.E. since the company was established in 1992. I.C.E. has a specialised team of engineers available to assist with Gas odorant engineering service, maintenance, Gas odorant commissioning, training and emergency response. The engineering service provided by I.C.E. is the best in the region – both in regards to commissioning and decommissioning odorant injection equipment, along with gas odorant transfers, preventative maintenance and service reporting on current odorant equipment. I.C.E. have the capability to design, build, test and commission a range of dosing systems & custom injection skids for various applications. I.C.E. has vast experience of working on refineries as highly skilled process and support engineers.

Consulting Service

I.C.E. provides a wide range of consulting services for the Oil & Gas industry - specifically focusing on gas odorant applications in the Australian and New Zealand region. I.C.E. have a team of highly experienced engineers that provide consulting services on regulatory requirements, technical specifications, planning, design, fabrication and execution of projects. Specific areas of assistance also include:

- Gas odorisation

- Decommissioning

- Pipeline Conditioning

- Temporary Odorisation

- Spill prevention & advice


For more information on our teams bio's & pricing please contact I.C.E.

International Chemicals Engineering Pty Ltd expert Design Engineers for Gas Odorant Injection Package

International Chemicals Engineering Pty Ltd (I.C.E) offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive ranges of Engineering Design services. Some of our most popular Design services include Gas odorant packages, Injection systems, Piping & Structural Design. Our Mechanical and Process Engineers are some of the most experienced Engineering Designers in the odorant business.


I.C.E service offering consists of all of the components associated with odorising vaporised Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), natural gas or LP Gas.  Some of the main components are storage vessels, interconnecting pipe, injection systems, transfer pump, activated carbon, adsorption systems and any other engineering solutions required to meet gas odorant Australian Regulations and any other relevant Australian Standards.


Our team of highly experienced Engineering Consultants works with a diverse range of clients nationally, providing Engineering Consulting and services, Please contact I.C.E for consulting services relating to natural gas and LNG projects. Some of our major clients include;

Value adding services


I.C.E. have a proven track record and the capability to design, construct and commission a large diversity of purpose built turn-key chemical injection and dosing packages.


Commissioning and on-site training for gas odorant handling & dosing systems is provided by trained staff.


Commissioning and on-site training for gas odorant handling & dosing systems is provided by trained staff.


I.C.E.’s workshop is well equipped with facilities for repair and testing dosing systems.

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