Chemical Dosing Pumps

Chemical Dosing Pumps

International Chemicals Engineering (I.C.E) provides heavy-duty electric and pneumatic chemical metering pumps since 1992, specially engineered for oil, gas, petroleum, natural gas and offshore platforms. I.C.E systems accurately inject corrosion inhibitors, emulsion breakers, freeze prevention methanol and other critical chemicals – maximizing yields, ensuring infrastructure integrity, preventing line freezing, and enabling processing control across production, refining and distribution.

Pneumatic Metering Pumps

With decades of expertise, I.C.E. provides specialized pneumatic metering pumps enabling accurate chemical injection into processes – ideal for low flow against extreme pressures. Key brands offered include Williams and Linc models spanning LD, CLD, W, V series alongside Wilroy and 84T, 85 series. Rely on I.C.E. as your trusted global partner for the latest dosing and injection innovations. We leverage strong manufacturer relationships to deliver customized pumping solutions from standalone diaphragm pumps to integrated packages and turnkey systems.

Williams Chemical Metering Pumps

LINC Level Switches & Metering Pumps

Solaroy Milton Roy Electric Metering Pumps

LMI Milton Roy Engineered Pums


Chemical Metering Pumps

LD Series


W Series

V Series


Level Switches & Metering Pumps

LINC 85 Series

LINC 84T Series

Solaroy Milton Roy

Electric Metering Pumps

Electric Metering Pumps

LMI Milton Roy

Engineered Pumps

AD Series Roytronic Excel

B Series

C Series

E Series

J Series

P Series

U Series

GA Series

GB Series

GM Series

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