Odorant & Vessels

Odorant & Vessels

Liquid Gas Odorants, including Ethyl Mercaptan for LPG and various odorants (including Mercaptans) for Natural Gas, require an exceptional level of expertise and understanding due to their inherent concentrated ‘Odour’. International Chemicals Engineering (I.C.E) have many years of experience with mercaptans in all aspects – handling, transporting, supply, transferring, detection, injection systems and equipment, storage vessels and emergency response equipment.

Supply Capabilities

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Emergency Response

I.C.E Expertise with Gas Odorants

At our facility in Dandenong we have an office building, warehouse, Dangerous Goods store (for tanks and drums), 30 000LT Storage tank of Ethyl Mercaptan and 25 000LT Storage tank for Mercaptan Blends.

We have a controlled environment room for filling tanks, for repair and decontamination of mercaptan impregnated items, all in accordance with local government, Country Fire Authority, Workcover and Environment Protection Agency requirements.

I.C.E is the only company in Australia to stock Gas Odorants and fill vessels on site.​ In summation, I.C.E are experts in the field of Gas Odorants. Our knowledge and product support is second to none. We are available 24hrs a day to assist you with any problems you may encounter and have emergency response equipment ready to go

I.C.E Supply Capabilities

I.C.E has a history of supplying Gas Odorants to sites throughout Australia since 1992 without incident. As each site is different and has various supply requirements, I.C.E have built strong relationships with personnel at each site in an effort to ensure all site requirements for supply are met on a regular basis.

I.C.E Supplies of gas odorant to Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. As a local distributor and repackaging facility for Arkema Inc. We supply different Odorants to different sites in a range of vessels from 5lt bottles to 20,000L ISO Tanks.

I.C.E currently supplies Gas Odorant to all major gas producers in Australia. We have our own fleet of vessels ranging in capacity from 5Lt-1000Lt. These tanks are inspected and tested prior to being filled and shipped to the customer.

I.C.E personnel have visited every Gas Odorant using site throughout Australia and are in regular contact with most.

I.C.E has an inventory of some 60,000LT’s of various Odorant blends at our Dandenong facility. It is due to this that we are able to repack odorant into various size vessels and ship throughout Australia within 2-3 business days.

Due to possible unforseen delays or incidents in receiving product from overseas, I.C.E carry an emergency inventory of product.

Some of Major Clients

Vessels & Storage

I.C.E has a fleet of 1050 Litre Transportable vessels, along with a range of 499L, 450L, 200L, 60L & 20L Transportable Vessels. These vessels are owned and maintained by I.C.E, filled at our Dandenong South facility and then shipped throughout Australia and New Zealand. In most cases we supply these as a ‘swap and go’ type arrangement, much the same as your common BOC bottle.

Once the empty vessel is returned to our facility, prior to it being re-filled, it is visually inspected and any repairs or touch up work required is carried out. At regular intervals we use a qualified inspector to complete a through visual inspection and supply us with a written report.

All our 1050L vessels are fitted with a PRV, ½” ball valve and dry break quick connect for liquid extraction, ½” ball valve and dry break quick connect for blanket pressure supply and float level indication. In certain cases we use different brands of dry break quick connects, depending on the customers requirement.

Specified staff members hold a current licence to drive a vehicle containing dangerous goods and are experts on the current requirements and procedures involved in shipping portable vessels around the country.

I.C.E also has qualified, professional personnel who visit sites throughout Australia to support the specialised transfer of gas odorant and assist in Emergency.

As this product range is unique, our customers are put at ease with the knowledge that a product specialist is available 24 hours.

International Chemicals Engineering (I.C.E) offer a range of spill response equipment specifically designed for the Gas Odorant Sector. Our range of custom designed spill kits have been designed with operator safety in mind. 

I.C.E also has a fully transportable ’emergency response recovery cabinet’ (ERC) which can be dispatched to anywhere in Australia. This cabinet can be used in the event of a leaking vessel emitting potent odour. Our ERC recovery cabinet provides a total odour control response for gas odorant – we place the vessel inside the cabinet to contain the odour and it is sent to our facility in Dandenong for repair in our controlled environment facility.

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