NJEX 7300 Odorization System - The Industry Flagship

The NJEX 7300 series was our first system and remains the industry standard for most user applications. This mid-use, primary odorizer is capable of accurately injecting up to 67 liters/day (17.6 gallons/day). The NJEX 7300 can odorize up to 320 MMSCF/Day, based on an injection rate of .75 lbs/MMSCF. The system is flexible and is available in a single unit, the 7300 series or for increased capacity and 100% backup capability we offer a dual unit, 7302 series. Both units can be upgraded to include skid packages and other options for enhanced operational capability.

7300 Pump Features

  • Patented, pneumatically-actuated, positive-displacement, reciprocating plunger pump
  • Teflon® diaphragm isolates all dynamic seals from the odorant
  • Intrinsically safe electronics
  • 67 liters/day (17.6 gallons/day) maximum odorant output
  • .2 to 1.0 cc/stroke adjustable displacement
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