NJEX 8300 Odorization System - High Volume  Injection

The NJEX 8300 series is designed for high-volume applications and delivers a maximum of 257 liters/day (68 gallons/day). The NJEX 8300 system can odorize up to 1.25 BSCF/ day based on an injection rate of 75 lbs/MMSCF. Ideal for large transmission companies or large city gate stations, these big-injection odorizers have standard built-in features for enhanced quality and a variety of options to meet your process needs.

NJEX 8300 Features:

  • Patented, pneumatically-actuated, positive-displacement plunger pump
  • Teflon® diaphragm islolates all dynamic seals from the odorant
  • Intrinsically safe electronics
  • 257 liters/day (68 gallons/day) maximum odorant output
  • 6cc/stroke injection
  • Maximum of 30 strokes/minute

The system is available in a single unit (8300 series) or dual unit (8302 series) and can be upgraded to include a skid-mounted package with onboard odorant storage tank, containment skid and a wide variety of other options.

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