One Source for Your Odorization Needs

We detail the most complete line of auxiliary equipment found on the market today. We design, manufacture and support systems complete with optional injection probe assemblies, environmentally safe containment skid packages, a wide range of ASME tanks, a paperless audit trail device and more.

NJEX Bulk Odorant Storage Tanks.

We offer ASME-code-stamped bulk odorant storage tanks ready for fast delivery. These tanks are engineered to interface with the NJEX system and feature capacities ranging from 75 to 37,854 liters (20 to 10,000 gallons). Each tank is equipped with our NJEX fitting and valve package that is designed for high-volume odorant use. Field installation is also available.

NJEX Secondary Containment Skid Packages.

Our secondary containment skid is constructed of carbon steel and then hot-dip galvanized. This unit provides 110% of tank capacity.

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