YZ Systems

YZ Systems

I.C.E. provides industry-leading gas odorant injection systems. Our NJEX series accurately measures and injects liquid odorant into natural gas and LPG pipelines to ensure safe detectability. We engineer our systems for precise odorant injection across a wide range of gas flow rates and volumes, from small distribution lines to high-capacity transmission pipelines.

The NJEX line features robust and customizable components to meet each client’s unique needs and specifications, backed by our engineering expertise. Options include the 8300G, 8302G, 7300G, 7302G, 6300G, and 6302 models.

Key NJEX Features:

YZ System

NJEX Odorization System

NJEX 8300 Odorization System - High Volume Injection

NJEX 7300 Odorization System - The Industry Flagship

Results-Oriented Service and Support

One Source for Your Odorization Needs

Sentry4 Monitoring Software

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